Thank you for visiting the home of WCDI which is short for ‘we can do it, Nairobi!’ This website is a community-based and action oriented initiative, with the sole purpose of keeping Nairobians aware of events that affect everyone in Nairobi County. In other words, you will find lots of information here on how to get organised so that government works for the betterment of all Nairobians.

Need more info? Please contact us at wcdi(at) or via contact form. Also, you’ll soon be able to interact with WCDI volunteers via Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Issues, Tasks & Documents

  • Nairobi Bills
  • Clause in Constitution
  • Map: Sub Counties and Wards
  • Info: Nairobi Zoning Rules
  • Forms for registering residents associations with instructions on how to do it
  • Model Constitution for residents associations

Do It!

  • How To: Organize your Ward and Sub County
  • How To: Create a Residents Association
  • Sub County pages
  • Ward pages
  • Resident Associations located in each Ward (listings & contacts)

Events, Announcements & Discussion Forums

  • Events calendar
  • Important annoucements
  • Forums
  • Weblog articles based on the above topics